About Us

Tiago & Julinha
Julinha is a german with a Brazilian soul, Tiago is a germanized brazilian. Together, we are told to be the best Brazilian German mix you can find. We consider ourselves teachers first and foremost. We enjoy teaching together – and value the equality of our relationship in the classroom. We always try to balance technique, energy, and fun in all our classes, and we believe that our partnership and methodology sets us apart.
With a strong background in physical fitness and teaching, we bring a strong didactic methodology to our classes. In our opinion, a great dance teacher has to know and understand, and be able to teach the foundation of couple dancing, since all couple dances have a similar core of techniques but each dance uses them in different ways. We want our students to understand the core of the dance, so we give them the tools and they need to grow and flourish, rather than just picking up fancy memorized sequences of movements.
We teach Brazilian Zouk, Forró, Samba de Gafieira and Salsa Cubana. We do also offer our service as DJ especially for Brazilian Zouk and Forró or as Video Maker for promotional dance event or dance demo videos. As we have a vast experience in organising events we can also provide consulting or co-organization of dance events. We do have experiences with other dances ranging from solo dances like jazz & hip hop to partner dances like Tango, Bachata, Kizomba, West Coast Swing – We are both fitness trainers which helps us to apply our knowledge about the human body and movement into dancing.
Tiago studied Physical Education in Brazil until he decided to come to Germany and to do a Bachelor's degree “Sport & Performance” at Cologne Sports University DSHS (one of the biggest sports universities in Europe) where he also studied biomechanics, anatomy and physiology to better understand how humans move and how they can improve their ability to perform. In 2014 he went back to Brazil for 6 months to dedicate himself to study dances in the Pé Descalço school in Belo Horizonte. Whereas Julia studied languages and pedagogy at the University of Cologne which still helps her to structure a good class, until she went to Cuba 2012-2013 where she trained dancing for 6 months in the Teatro Nacional de La Habana. Later she successfully completed the extensive MAC Zouk instructor program by Alex de Carvalho, which she finished as the second best of the year, as well as the Kadu & Larissa 20 hours teacher training.
Never stop learning
Since then we never stopped studying, we keep doing private classes, workshops and courses related to dancing, teaching, music, DJing & physical education! We believe there is always something new to learn so we hope to meet you in our path and exchange the passion that we have for teaching, dancing & moving!